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Wood Removal & Grinding Services

Wood Removal & Grinding

If your landscape is cluttered with unwanted sticks, branches, and brush — don’t just toss them out or burn them! Poor disposal of unwanted wood can create issues for you, your neighbors, and the surrounding environment. Proper wood removal and scrap wood recycling will save you a huge headache.

Besides its environmental benefits, wood recycling (grinding wood into mulch) is much quicker and easier than traditional disposal methods. On-site wood grinding turns unwanted wood into useful and beautiful mulch, and you don’t even have to lift a finger!

Our wood recycling services include:

  • Wood waste management
  • Wood removal
  • Mobile on-site wood grinding
  • Land clearing
  • Tub grinding
  • Timber shredding
  • Pallet recycling
  • Tree mulching
  • Mulch manufacturing

Mobile Wood Grinding Services

For Large Amounts of Yard Waste

We travel to you to recycle large amounts of wood.

No need to load it all up yourself and drive it across the state. Our mobile wood grinder processes, grinds, and resizes your unwanted wood all in one place! Give us a call if you have wood lying around – we’ll turn it into something great!

For Smaller Amounts of Yard Waste

Our mobile wood grinding services aren’t ideal if you only have a few pieces of brush. To take your own yard waste for recycling, stop by any time during our regular hours!

Mulch Manufacturing

We produce and sell a variety of recycled wood mulches at Outdoor Resource Supply. Choose from coarse or fine-ground mulches, dyed or naturally colored, or wood chips to give your landscape a natural aesthetic boost. Visit the mulch page for more details!

Call (740) 223-7275 For Mobile Wood Grinding Services

View Mulch Options at Outdoor Resource Supply

See Our Wood Grinder In Action:


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