Land & Site Development Contractors

Our team at Park Enterprise Construction prepares your construction site and your entire project for success.

We offer land development and construction site preparation services throughout the central Ohio region.

It can be easy to overlook construction site preparation for the larger project at hand, which is why it’s crucial to work with an experienced site prep contractor.

Our land and site development services include:

  • Construction site preparation
  • Land clearing
  • Site stripping
  • Grading and subgrading
  • Excavation
  • Utilities

Land Clearing

Land clearing is generally the first step in construction site preparation.

Land clearing entails cutting down trees and removing shrubbery on the construction site. It may also involve demolition of old structures and removal of any other obstructions.


Site Stripping (or Topsoil Stripping)

Land clearing removes larger elements from the construction site. Now, the smaller obstructions need to be cleared.

Site stripping clears out any remaining roots, grass, and topsoil that can create issues later in construction. These materials are stockpiled on-site for reuse or recycling.

The degree of site stripping necessary depends on:

  • The amount of material being moved
  • Hauling distance
  • Site conditions at the time of moving to stockpile on site




Site excavation includes all dirt-moving activities, including compaction. This step removes large or small underground obstructions, and can create space for:

  • Underground utilities
  • Basements
  • Tunnels
  • Other underground structures

Additionally, we’re experienced in planning drainage and earthwork, and our GPS-guided equipment makes excavation and grading quick and easy.